Christmas Cactus Blooming

lee hunt lee.hunt at
Wed Nov 29 07:26:48 EST 1995

In article <49b5fh$53h at>, Barry Mercer <bmercer at> says:
>I enjoy Cacti... don't know much about them, but I enjoy them. (my 
>spouce doesn't)  How do I encourage these things to bloom and just how 
>dry should I let them be before I water.  The Christmas cactus I water 
>once a week the "real" cacti far less frequesntly.
>I recently read that keeping them very dark and very cool at night will 
It is probably too late for flowers for this CHristmas if your palnts do
not already have buds. Here in the Uk I keep the plants in a shady spot
outdoors in the summer and bring them inside in the autumn. The plants will
only produce buds if they have an uninterrupted dark period overnight ie about 
12hrs. This should occur naturally as long as their is no artificial light
Many Christmas cacti seem to have their main flowering period in November
here. They should be kept dry whilst buds are forming, then kept moist after
they appear
Lee Hunt

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