Hayley. Bullen hayley.bullen at ncl.ac.uk
Thu Nov 30 12:14:52 EST 1995

I am a third year Computing Science student at University of Newcastle 
in England, and for my Dissertation/Project I have to produce a computer 
system that aids Permaculture Design.

I need some ideas on what facilities potential users would like me to provide
for them, while designing this system. 

It would help me a great deal, if anyone could see their way clear to
filling in the following questionnaire and e-mailing it to me.

If you would like to know more about the proposed system, you can find
it the full proposal and additional info at the following web page:



To what extent does your computer experience extend?

        1)      never used one
        2)      keyboard driven systems
        3)      mouse driven systems
        4)      complicated systems
        5)      extensive use

To what extent does your knowledge of permaculture extend?

        1)      know nothing
        2)      hobby
        3)      fairly experienced
        4)      expert

Do you recognise plants by 

        1)      latin names
        2)      common names

Do you like to work in 

        1)      metres, centimetres etc
        2)      yards, feet, inches etc

Do you want to include in the design

        1)      livestock
        2)      structures (shed, water tanks etc)

Are you at all familiar with zone and sector analysis

        1)      yes
        2)      no

Please add any comments that you feel would be relevant:

Thank you very much

Hayley Bullen
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

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