Need advice on contaminate absorbtion by plants

Heath28166 heath28166 at
Sun Oct 1 16:43:04 EST 1995

I am starting an advanced bio project for high school.  I will have three
plots of soil  all containing 1000 dwarf pea pod seeds per plot.  In the
first plot there will be seeds in healthy soil.  In the second I am going
to contaminate the soil but it will also contain the seeds.  In the third
plot there will be the seeds, contaminated soil, and a plant that can
"clean up" the soil and hopefully still allow the seeds to grow. However,
I need the "clean up" plant and more specifics.  I need a vague outline of
the project within the next week.  If you know about this, or someone who
does, or even a project done similar to this, please write me!!

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