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In article <44mhr7$enr at>, bkeenan at says...
>First of all, thanks to everyone who responded (especially the cook college 
>alum, pretty funny, I'm on Douglass). Here's what I was told and what I'm
>        1) Yellow or brown = too much water?
>                Okay, I don't water it too much now
>        2) yellow or brown = not enough water
>                Okay I'm confused
>        3) It will adapt to light
>                Good... I only have one window
>        4) It should be fertilized
>                I'm buying some this week
>        5) I should put drainage holes in the pot
>                I did, it seemed to help.
>So hopefully my plant will revive itself, with your help. If you guys
>could just clear up if yellow/brown means  too much water, or too little, 
>I'd be set.
>        Also, what is a good ivyish plant for a low light room?
>                                Thank you all so much
>                                                Bethany

Just to make it a little clearer: If a plant does not get enough water it will 
wilt and turn brown (Anon et al. 1901). This is usually caused by a lack of 
water uptake by the roots which can be caused by a lack of water in the pot 
(then you should water it more) or a problem in the function of the roots. If 
the plant gets too much water the roots will be immersed. This will cause 
rotting of the roots and they then cannot function as they should. So, the 
symptom might be the same: the plant will wilt. So check the soil, that's the 
best place to see what's causing the problem.  
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