Cactus stickers-glochids-HELP!

sabotage sabotage at
Mon Oct 2 23:43:48 EST 1995

Glochids are tiny hairlike stickers found on many cholla and prickly 
pear cactii.  When viewed from any distance they would appear to be 
nothing more than fuzzy little bundles. These hairs are very 
dangerous!  They range in size from microscopic to 5 mm.  Most of 
them are clear.  Human body contact with glocids can lead to a
horrible medical dilema.  They cause allergic reactions in many
people due to the stickers themselves or due to the fungus that
thrives on them.  Glochids can also be blown from the ground or
off of the cactus and stick to your skin.  The slightest touch can
then force them deeper into the skin.  They are very flimsy and 
break apart when an attempt is made to remove them.  Glochids can
remain in the human body for many years.  There are several 
techniques for removing glochids from the skin, but none of them
will assure 100 percent removal.  If you get into them, go to a
doctor that has heard of them and has experience treating cactus 
stickers in the skin. WASTE NO TIME GOING TO THE DOCTOR!  If you 
wait too long the portion of the stickers above the skin will rub
and break off, leaving a large portion in your body.  If you do not
find a doctor that is knowledgeable on this subject it is HIGHLY 
The associated pain due to these nasty buggers, especially if you 
have any type of sensitivity to them, will be horrifying to the
extent that you may contemplate suicide to end the pain that the
doctors have refused to treat, or not know how to treat.  Please 
contact me if you know what a glocid is. I need help!  My e-mail
address is sabotage at

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