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>>: I was wondering if anyone knows of a tree that doesn't loose it's
>>: leaves in the winter (not pine needles).  I know evergreens keep
>>: needles but don't know of a non-tropical tree that keeps it's

    I know of a few plants which keep their leaves and also may be
hardy in that region of Canada.  First, there is the English holly
(Ilex aquifolium) which was mentioned by someone else-- I have gotten
it to survive quite nicely in zone 4a Minnesota winters.  The second
possible tree could be the southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora). 
It has two reputedly hardy varieties, "Edith Bogue" which should
survive to -20F. or -30F;  the second is "Bracken's Brown Beauty",
which is said to be even hardier but is very hard to come by in the
trade and is somewhat expensive.  Another tree which I am trying to
find is an asian oak (Lithocarpus henryi) which, with protection while
young, should tolerate temperatures to about -25F. with relatively
intact green leaves.  There is also a very, very rare small (about 30
feet tall at maturity) eucalyptus from the Australian Alps with only
one presently sold-out small-scale seller in the entire country-- I am
pleased to have one growing well after its first zone 4a Minnesota
winter;  it was expensive, but I would deem it the prize of the
gardening world if there ever was one.  I hope this helps!

                            Stefan Lura 
                            (Minnesota exotic plant experimentor)

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