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>This past summer I went on a tour of the Crystal Bridge Conservatory
>in Oklahoma City and I was introduced to a very interesting plant.  It
>a large bush/tree with cherry sized black berries and white flesh. 
>guide plucked a few off for us to try and told us that they were very
>in sugar content and if you ate three or four then whatever you ate
>the next hour would be affected by the sugar and taste sweet.  I only
>one, so I didn't notice this effect, but they were delicious berries. 

>The guide also told us that some private investors had attempted to
>this as a sugar substitute for diabetics but their efforts were
>by the sugar industry.  How sad.  Anyway, if anyone has any idea as to
>what this plant is, let me know.  Even better, let me know where to
>the plant or seeds.  The guide wasn't sure because there was some kind
>discrepancy in the placard labeling the plant.

>>>Sounds like "gurumichama", a tree that grows in the Amazon. I
>>>have no idea that its sugar content is other than plain fructose.
>>>If you can look-up a guide on native plants of the Amazon, you
>>>might get the info you are looking for. They are (fruit) DELICIOUS!

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