Discussion groups on risk assessment of transgenic plants ??

Colin Purrington colin at pondside.uchicago.edu
Sun Oct 8 17:43:06 EST 1995

Here are some options:

>    http://www.aphis.usda.gov/bbep/bp/
Status of U.S. biotechnology regulation (you can even send comments to the
U.S. government on proposed rule changes), also includes current
information on which genetically modified crops are officially exempted
from further regulation.

>    http://www.scicomm.org.uk/biosis/
For electronic discussion of biotechnology issues.

I'd also suggest the US National Agricultural Library link page, which has
several sites of relevance: 
>   http://inform.umd.edu:86/EdRes/Topic/AgrEnv/Biotech/.www.html

If you want biotechnology gossip:

> 2. Biotechnology Bulletin          env.biotech at conf.igc.apc.org  OR
>                                    mthom at igc.org
>      send message to mthom at igc.org           
> 3. Biotech Education & Public Policy Network - BCEPP        
>                     Mail to: BCEPP at relay.adp.wisc.edu
>                     Subscribe to: listserver at relay.adp.wisc.edu
>                     send message: SUBSCRIBE BCEPP 
> 5. British Council Biotech    bcifunit at solomon.technet.sg
>      send message:  ADD BCINFO-BIOTECH 
> 7. Chinese Biotech. Network (CBNet)     Listserv at UCSD.Edu
>                          send message: Add CB-Net.
> 9. IRRO             For more information contact: 
>                     msdn at phx.cam.uk 
> Information Resource for the Release of  Organisms into the Environment
> (IRRO) is an information network run on a non-profit basis, which aims to
> provide access to all types of information relevant to the release of animals,
> plants, and microorganisms into the environment.  Supported through UNEP
> (UN Environment Programme).  Network access not yet defined.
> 10. Rice Biotech Network        rbnet at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
>         Send request for info. to dverma at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu

There are also a few Listservs out there:

> Listservs are special interest groups where questions or issues are sent
> to the group via e-mail.  Members of the group discuss the topic while all
> members observe the dialog.  Some lists are more active that others.  To
> join a listserv you must first subscribe to the group. 
> TO SUBSCRIBE to most of the groups below send a message to
> listserv@ containing  the command:
>      "SUB" or "SUBSCRIBE"    
>      in the body of the message. 
> Example for BIOTECH:     To: listserv at UMDD.umd.edu
>                          Subject:
>                          ------------------------------------------------
>                          SUBSCRIBE BIOTECH Al Helix
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> BIOTECH*  biotech at UMDD.umd.edu     Biotechnology Discussion List
> NEWCROPS  NEWCROPS at PURCCVM.BITNET  Discussion list for New Crops

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