Christmas Cactus

dennis goos dennis_goos at
Mon Oct 9 12:42:03 EST 1995

We had two Xmas cacti sitting on the sun deck this summer - one received
lots of sun;the other constant shade. The one in the sun is in flower
now with many flowers 3 inches long - beautiful!:The other plant set no
buds at all.

My experience with this plant suggests it sets buds in response to
shortening day length as well as dropping temperatures. You might try
shining a light on the plant 20 hours a day to slow down the flowering
process although this may only slow initiation of more flower buds.You
would'nt need a grow lamp - just enough light to make the plant respond
to apparently longer days.

BTW, George, I tried to eMail this response the newsreader (Agent)
didn't pick up your mail address. You might want to check your "from"

good luck.

gmmurphy (George M. Murphy) wrote:

>Our Christmas Cactus has buds on it and we are afraid it will bloom early. 
>Anyone know how we can slow it down.
>George murphy

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