What the heck is "Awapuhi"?

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>Hi all... 
>I am just curious what Awapuhi is. I recently bought a multi-
>purpose conditioner with this in it, and was wondering if anyone 
>on here might be able to tell me a bit about it :) 
>Couldn't find it in any plant books or dictionaries here in my 
>If this is the wrong group, just push me in the right direction :) 
>Thanks for any info!
>Sarah Fox Jahn
Awapuhi is a Hawaiian word (I live in Hawaii) for the shampoo and related 
gingers.  Although they aren't native to Hawaii(possibly brought by the 
polynesian settlers?), Hawaiian names were given to a lot of plants.

Shampoo gingers are called just that because the bracts of the flowering 
stalk exude a soapy liquid that in theory could be used for shampoo.  I 
dont know of any solid scientific proof that it helps hair but its known 
to be soapy.  

Awapuhi, when pronounced in correct Hawaiian fashion is 
"AH-VAH-POO-HE"(with a short e at the end)  W's always are pronounced as 
a V.

Shampoo ginger is related to tumeric, ginger, and cardamom.

PS - the manufacturer probably added it to make it sound exotic. Not 
sure, maybe fragrance too as this family has a generally strong distinct 

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