Green Tomatoes

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Tue Oct 10 15:45:27 EST 1995

In <DG80xw.F8w at> rwarner at ("Ray
Warner") writes: 
>Thanks, so have I, my main concern is with raw green tomatoe's,
>has suggested green tomato salsa. So the question still stands, will I

>"Do myself in" by eating green tomatoes and if so how many will it
>Ray Warner

>>>Ray: Green tomatoes are NOT poisonous. Only the foliage is.
>>>This mith goes back to the 1600s when Europeans thought that
>>>the fruit was poisonous. Incidently this is in the family
>>>of nightshade, a very poisonous group of plants. Hope this
>>>gets you over your fears..........Micro.

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