Wetland Plants for Wastewater Treatment

dgm at magi.com dgm at magi.com
Tue Oct 10 08:42:44 EST 1995

I am involved with the design of constructed wetlands for use to treat 
a variety of wastewaters.  My knowledge is limited to the more common 
types (ie. scirpus, phragmites, typha ....).  

Is there a good reference book on wetland plants?  Specifically, I need 
details on climatic zone preference, effects of varying moisture 
conditions, root penetration patterns and depth, growing period, 
spreading or infill rates, pollination, etc.  I prefer subsurface 
designs (water table just below the media surface).

I am looking for information on all climate types but am particularily 
interested in hardy species that can survive in extreme cold regions, 
ie. in or near permafrost.  

Currently we introduce the plants by going into natural bogs and 
collecting root segments, packing and transporting quickly 
and carefully, and then transplanting.  This has obtained the best 
and quickest success but is expensive.  Is there a better way?



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