Sugar Plant...

Jay Ostaffe ostaffe at
Tue Oct 10 06:43:53 EST 1995

Beware of The Banana Tree, INC.  I have had very bad experience with
them.  I have received shipments of tropical seeds in the middle of
winter when freezing temperatures were blanketing the east coast.
Needles to say that I had a 0% germination rate of that batch.  I
would be happy to share a letter that I received from The Banana Tree
(saying it is OK to ship tropical seeds in freezing temperatures) with
any who are interested.

egilding at (Edward K. Gilding) wrote:

>You could obtain seeds from:

>The Banana Tree, Inc.
>715 Northampton St.
>Easton, PA  18042

>seeds are sold one per a packet.  I say get at least two because they 
>might need to pollenate each other.

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