Neomycin and roots

chris yost cyost at
Tue Oct 10 18:25:12 EST 1995


I am more a microbiologist than a botanist therefore excuse my ignorance. 
First, I was curious if a plant (peas, or clover) can uptake neomycin into
its root tissue.  If it can, will the plant degrade the neomycin thereby
inactivating it.  Basically, what I wish to do is prevent neomycin
sensitive bacteria from entering plant root tissue by growing the plants
with neomycin.  I can grow clover quite well on media containing 100 ug/ml
of neomycin (sufficient amount to kill off neomycin sensitive bacteria). 
I would appreciate any advise on potential pitfalls.

Please respond via email

Thanks in advance.

Chris Yost
cyost at

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