How do I get rid of parrasites?

Bob Kirk reikirk at
Tue Oct 10 21:13:05 EST 1995

>Dear Botanists,
>I am growing Luffa plants and have noticed small green scaley looking 
>insects on the undersides of the leaves. Can anyone suggest how to 
>irradicate these pests without the use of chemical pesticides. It has 
>been suggested that I rub the affected areas with garlic!
>Jason.  >bsu416 at

   Well, what we horticulturists would do is rub them with a brick :)

   Or hot peppers, or any number of other things.
   If they're aphids (but scaly?) a simple spray of water will suffice.
Are they aphids? My impression of the UK is that the person knocking at
your door right now is probably a keen gardener dropping by unsolicited
to help with any gardening problems you may have...

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