Administering Salicylic Acid

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Thu Oct 12 09:35:08 EST 1995

Dear netter=D5s;

   In their book =D4Disease in Plants=D5  (1995), Hammerschmidt and Kuc hav=
noted that salicylic acid (sodium salt form) can be used to induce=20
disease resistance in Solanaceae.  Dr. Ryals at Ciba has also noted that=20
there is evidence of this.  Our problem is we have not been able to find=20
any information on the following:

1.  The most affective concentration of SA used in these procedures.

2.  The dosage and how it is applied, as well as how often.

  We are also in need of a supply of Silwet or comparable surfactant=20
usable on organics.  If someone could provide the name of a supplier we=20
would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided!

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Jerry Bauer
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