HELP needed to find information

Peter Feszczur fezzy at
Tue Oct 10 23:21:46 EST 1995

Hello all in Bionet.Plants land, I need some help...... I'm not sure if 
this is the correct newsgroup to post this request but it's the only one 
I could find that relates to the topic....

I have been asked by my brother-in-law if it's possible to get fruit tree 
propagation information of the net !!! I put my food in my mouth by saying 
"of course you can". So he gave me a list of articles he wants... I'v now 
been on the 'net' for the last 3 hours and not found a single one of 
what he as asked for...

Does anyone out there in bionet.plants know of a central article database 
site ?? if so can let me know ??? I don't want to go back empty handed as 
I will never hear the end of it, as I'm always telling him the net's the 
way to go. Things like "if it's available, it's on the net"

Help please....... please respond to my email address, as I'm not a 
regular in this newsgroup


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