Jay Ostaffe ostaffe at
Wed Oct 11 22:15:19 EST 1995

For all those palm enthusiast, the International Palm Society (IPS)
is providing a public news server.  Topics of discussion include:
the general discussion of palms; palm horticulture, biology, and
conservation; as well various IPS information.  There is even a
category for non-palm discussions for topics such as cycads.

You can connect to the IPS news server by directing your news
reader to "".  Also, if your WEB browser supports it, you
can go to the newsgroups by directing your browser to
"news://*".  If there is anything specific you are
interested in, you can search the news server for keywords at
"".  You also may want to
check out IPS's WEB server at "".

Please note that the newsgroups on this server are not Usenet news
groups. You must access the server to read and/or reply.



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