Chlorophyll experiment - Help!

Neil Emery rjnemery at
Fri Oct 13 04:30:53 EST 1995

>I'm a 7th grade student doing a science project on the amount of 
>chlorophyll in different tree leaves.  I am trying to find a way 
>to best determine the relative amounts of chlorophyll between 
>different species.  I have tried extracting the chlorophyll by 
>using one inch square samples placed in 5 ml. of alcohol and 
>boiled for 10 minutes.  Although I noticed a color difference, I 
>really have no way of determining the amount of chlorophyll.


This can be done quite easily by measuring light transmitted through your
alcohol extracts at the proper wavelengths. It would be a matter of minutes.
 The catch is that you have to find a spectrphotometer.  They are very common, 
and should be found ifyou contact some labs.  For example I have yet to 
visit a Botany Department at any University that doesn't have one.  The 
wavelengths you need to measure at are one or both of 665 or 645nm.  Chlorophyll
absorbs light at both these wavelengths.

Good luck


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