Help! Meaning of "cv"

Sat Oct 14 19:04:46 EST 1995

dahleen at (Lynn S Dahleen) wrote:

>Joao Miranda (jmiranda) wrote:

>: I need to know what is the meaning of the abbreviation "cv" on following 
>: sentence:

>: 	- Samples of 16 species and cv of pineapples were analysed for 
>: 	bromelain activity.

>The cv above probably means "cultivar", which are unique genotypes bred 
>by plant breeders for specific traits.

'cv' is short for cultivar and cultivar is short for cultivated
variety.  Cultivars are varieties that are sold commercially to
growers of all scales.  Cultivars can be in the form of an inbred
line, f1 hybrid, asexual clone, and or pollinated.  Cultivars are
pattented, and the breeder usually get royalties.


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