Chloroplast Development

Dave Kroon dkroon at
Sat Oct 14 20:02:52 EST 1995

	I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the effects of radiation
(especially X-radiation) on chloroplast development. I am specifically
interested in irradiating the seeds of the plants. The questions I have are:
The seed coat of V. faba is fairly thick, so I was wondering if anyone had any
ideas on how I could determine some levels which would have a significant
effect without bringing the viability of the seeds down too much (too much is
not specific, I know, but then V. faba seeds are pretty cheap).
	If anyone can give me information they have, or if there are
especially good articles out there, it would be appreciated. I am considering
this for an undergraduate research project, so am admittedly not an
expert. The general idea I had was to expose batches of seeds to varying
levels of radiation (from 0 to ?) and then centrifuge out the chloroplasts
(via density-gradient centrifugation). I had also planned to use
spectrophotometry (sp?) to quantify chlorophyll. 
	Any comments, suggestions, or pointing out of obvious flaws would be

	Dave Kroon
	dkroon at

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