Siguero Cactus from seed?

-R.C.Jender rcj at
Tue Oct 17 11:41:25 EST 1995

	Has anyone ever tried to grow Siguero from seed?
	Me and the wife tried it. Seems like it took
	4-5 months just for the seeds to geminate and
	begin popping up through the dirt. I know it
	takes many years for a Siguero to reach just a foot
	in height. Is there a way to speed up it's growth?
	Me and the wife love cacti, and any kind.
	We are planning to retire in Arizona in the next 6-10
	years. I know the Siguero thrives south of Tucson
	but we will be living farther north, near Kingman.
	How would the Siguero like that climate?
Raymond C. Jender
AT&T Network Systems (for now)

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