Yucca Cane

Isaac Adams MURCHIE isaac at maggie.cs.mcgill.ca
Tue Oct 17 05:12:06 EST 1995


I'm assuming you're in some not so dry place. In New Mexico where I'm from,
it can go months without rain and no one going out and watering things
(what a huge job that'd be). The yuccas all do fine and stay in top form.
Of course they don't do too much which one would call interesting for a
house plant, but that's another story. Once it gets wet things in that
area begin to happen. Anyway, the main point here is that getting dry is
of no concern. If you want to simulate "real" conditions, you can try 
getting it really warm and then watering for about half a minute every 
afternoon.But then the surface of the ground ought to be dry within a few
minutes, since water doesn't stay around too long.

bye. isaac.

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