artifical "fog" for indoor plants

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In article <45pghl$672 at>, jwmorris at says...
>I am looking for a technology I say in a flower shop.  Unfortunately
>they wouldn't just sell the technology item, theywanted me to buy their
>whole "garden".
>What I saw was a small electronic/mechanical device about the size of
>4-5 silver dollars stacked on top of each other (couldn't see it very
>well) and was plugged into a 110 VAC electrical source ( a transformer
>may have been used but I couldn't see it). This thing generated
>something that looked identical to the fog that comes off dry ice when
>you put water on dry ice.  It didn't rise like steam.  It sort of just
>hung there and 'flowed' down gently. The device was submerged in about
>2 inches of water. There was some reference to "ionized" in the
>advertisement.  There was also a small stream of water being pumped (?)
>out of it.  The stream was only 1/2 inch high and was hidden so it was
>not the purpose of the device to "pump" apparently.  The unit was
>virtually silent and was not some high pressure mist generator.  It
>seemed to be generating VERY small particule fog. Without pressure.

Sounds to me like one of the ultrasonic devices. A small needle/metal strip, 
vibrating at a ultrasonic frequency will simply beat water from the surface 
into very small droplets, so a real mist. Larger versions are sold as air 
humidifiers, both for rliving rooms and greenhouses and are often used for 
terraria. They have the advantage of not raising the temperature (like a real 
evaporating machine would do). Important disadvantage  is the fact that the 
"mist" will (unlike an evaporating device) also contain all the contaminants 
of te water. Therefore the constant rain on the leaves and every other surface 
will cause stains  due to the Calciumcarbonate etc.!!


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