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> 'cv' is short for cultivar and cultivar is short for cultivated
> variety.  Cultivars are varieties that are sold commercially to
> growers of all scales.  Cultivars can be in the form of an inbred
> line, f1 hybrid, asexual clone, and or pollinated.  Cultivars are
> pattented, and the breeder usually get royalties.
You are not quite right here Jason.
Your last sentence needs correction: only a very few cultivars are patented
(in the US these have to be clonal cultivars) although seed-raised cultivars
may be protected by Plant Breeders' Rights if they are new and can be shown
to be distinct, uniform and stable.
It is expensive to apply, receive and maintain such intellectual property
rights and so it is usually only done for cultivars with mass-marketing

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