zizyphus jujuba

hovav deshe at netvision.net.il
Thu Oct 19 01:28:39 EST 1995

In article <45pt91$2t4 at swing.iinet.net.au>, <pcic at ois.com.au> writes:
> Can anyone help with a link on the web to info on this plant.  It is a
> type of deciduous plact - a chinese date.  We are looking to import if
> possible.

Are you sure you are not mixing 2 plants here ?
the JUJUba plant is a slow growing evergrean that has a seed the size of a 
small olive and the seed is harvested for oils.

the chinese date is a decideous that is thorny fast growing tree that has friot 
the sise of a small apple or (other kind) like a date. and the fruit is 
harvested for the market (edible)

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