Papaya specimen plant is TOO tall

B E Liedl beliedl at
Fri Oct 20 07:11:40 EST 1995

Help!  We need suggestions on what to do with a Papaya specimen plant
which is too tall.  I teach at a small liberal arts college in Biology. 
We have an unusual greenhouse that is two stories tall.  The papaya plant
is probably 15 feet tall with a trunk about 6-7 inches in diameter,
healthy and grows like a weed (repotted last year and it has added 4-5
feet of growth in the last 9 months).   We want to keep the specimen for
our small botanical collection, but we are running out of greenhouse
height!  Help.  Someone suggested air layering, but we don't want to be
wrong and lose the plant.  I am comfortable doing most plant propagation
techniques (being a Horticulturalist by training), but don't want to lose
a good specimen in my first year on the job!



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