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> > Can anyone help with a link on the web to info on this plant.  It is a
> > type of deciduous plact - a chinese date.  We are looking to import if
> > possible.
>>>>> In India this plant grows as a wild plant.There are various wild
species of Zizyphus.It bears fruits during the summer. In India there is a
hybrid devloped , the size of the fruit of which is as big as unshelled
walnut. Hmm..tastes quite good, wild is tastier than the cultivated.This
fruit is abundant in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state, probably
one of the largest producers in India. 

Are you sure you are not mixing 2 plants here ?
> the JUJUba plant is a slow growing evergrean that has a seed the size of a 
> small olive and the seed is harvested for oils.
> the chinese date is a decideous that is thorny fast growing tree that
has friot 
> the sise of a small apple or (other kind) like a date. and the fruit is 
> harvested for the market (edible)
> hovav

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