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Sat Oct 21 21:42:29 EST 1995

Cultivars are NOT always patented so there are not always royalties!  
Also they are considered to be man-made in such a way that they 
would cease to exist, as known, without the intervention of people.

Jason () 
wrote: : dahleen at (Lynn S Dahleen) wrote:

: >Joao Miranda (jmiranda) wrote:

: >: I need to know what is the meaning of the abbreviation "cv" on following 
: >: sentence:

: >: 	- Samples of 16 species and cv of pineapples were analysed for 
: >: 	bromelain activity.

: >The cv above probably means "cultivar", which are unique genotypes bred 
: >by plant breeders for specific traits.

: 'cv' is short for cultivar and cultivar is short for cultivated
: variety.  Cultivars are varieties that are sold commercially to
: growers of all scales.  Cultivars can be in the form of an inbred
: line, f1 hybrid, asexual clone, and or pollinated.  Cultivars are
: pattented, and the breeder usually get royalties.

: 				Jason

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