Ginseng Seed/Clone WANTED

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Mon Oct 23 18:57:19 EST 1995

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>: I'd really like to get some ginseng seeds (if not, a plant would be fine:)
>: but cannot find them *anywhere*. Please email me any leads or suggestions
>: you have.
>I recall seeing an ad for ginseng seeds in the Catalog from Richters seed 
>co, from Ontario.  Sorry I don,t have the address, I threw the catalog 
>out some time ago.  Maybe someone else would know how to contact them.

You can email to info at  (No connection, just a satisfied
customer, etc.)

There is a BC Ginseng Growers Association.  Perhaps your Ministry of
Agriculture or Forestry can get you an address.  Ginseng is becoming 
a crop.  There are numerous growers in Ontario - most grow the plants
in lath sheds.  One grower is usually at the St.Lawrence Market (a large
somewhat upscale farmers' market in Toronto) selling fresh and dried
roots, capsules, etc.  The 4-year-old roots were 3 for $1 ($0.75 US).
I got a few to grow in the dark patch north of the porch with the other
native woodland plants.  You might check a large urban farmers' market

Btw, a couple of weeks earlier a health food store was selling smaller
live roots at $15-25 each.

Beverly Erlebacher
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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