Liche tree Help! It's Dying

Fred Schulz freds at
Wed Oct 25 03:22:35 EST 1995

I germinated two Liche seeds and planted one and over the last two years it 
has grown to about 18" with about four branch's, plentiful with leaves.  
Recenetly (last 2 month's) It has gone Down hill.  Leaves started falling off 
and now it is just a stick pointing in the air.  I believe it is still alive 
due to the fact a scratch on the bark yields GREEN.  

What does a Liche tree want as far as water and Sunlight.  I am providing 
filtered sunlight thru a mesh screen and using 20-20-20 Peters plant food on 
it.  I was and am doing this because this is what has been working for the 
last two years.  The weather here is fine as I live in Honolulu.

I am Hoping this is a normal stage the plant or tree is going thru.

Any help would be appreciated.

Aloha and Thanks 
Fred Schulz
freds at

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