Low lights

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at ix.netcom.com
Thu Oct 26 15:48:58 EST 1995

In <46nlho$eh5 at ixnews2.ix.netcom.com> dmfast at popd.ix.netcom.com writes:

>	I have indoor seedlings growing under a low light source. I am
>researching a way to increase the productivity of carbohydrates with a
>low light intensity as the limiting factor.
>	Perhaps there are techniques with special media mixes,
>hormones, climates, etc., readers may share. 
>		Ask for details if needed. Thanks.
>Hi there ixr. I think the color of light (bandwidth) is more important
>than the intensity. Low watage fluorescent bulbs are available just
>for that purpose. Generally if you are getting seedlings to plant in
>your vegetable garden, then buy pots with the potting mix already
>prepared for you. Different plants, however, are very sensitive to
>the Ph of the soil. You need to look up the particulars for the
>species. If I can help more, email me a note. Mike a.k.a. Micro

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