Flavr Savr Tomato !!!

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(Jason) wrote:

>andreas jungbluth <jungblut at alf.biochem.mpg.de> wrote:

>>I need information on Flavr Savr. how long does it keep? does metabolism during ripening proceed normally? PLEASE HELP!!!
>>replies via email wanted!

>>jungblut at alf.biochem.mpg.de

>I think the Flavor savor tomoato contains a gene for ethylene
>activation in the antisense orientation, therefor not allowing the
>normal pathway of ethylene production followed by normal ripeing.  I
>think in theory Flavor savor tomatoes will stay green indefinitly
>until induced to ripen by spraying with ethylene gas.  This allows for
>long term shipping in a green hard state without damage.  

>				Jason

Actually, I think that the tomato Jason is referring to is the soon to
come Endless Summer tomato.  The Flavr Savr has an antisense
polygalacturonidase gene, which prevents the fruit from softening.
The idea behind this is not that it will have a longer shelf life on a
consumer's shelf, but that it can remain on the plant for a longer
period of time-- that is, it can ripen on the vine, as there is no
need to harvest it while it is still green.

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