HELP !! Rice Hull Use

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Sun Oct 29 00:27:52 EST 1995

How about edible speciaty mushroom cultivation?  If you were in
Oregon, USA, I would take all you had off your hands!

On 19 Oct 1995 07:57:19 GMT, 
JKKIM4  <jkkim4 at> wrote:

>To anyone out there who might be able to help,
>At the moment I am trying to find something 
>about the (industrial, agricultural or whatever)
>use of rice hull or its silicate components.
>I would be extremely grateful to anyone who
>might be able to help or pointing in the direction
>of someone who has carried out research in this
>area.  I would appreciate if replies could be 
>e-mailed to me.
>Thanks in advance.
>Jin Kyu Kim
>  jkkim4 at

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