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> Cheanorrhinum origanifolium 'Blue Dreams'  was given to me this July. It did
> not come with a common name. It is a small  plant with blue flowers All the
> label says it should grow in the sun. I put it on my terras in the sun and
> it has been flowering ever since. I cannot find any reference to it in any of
> my books or in the library. I would like to know more, like can it withstand
> frost, or maybe it is an annual and where does it originally come from.  

If you use the spelling Chaenorhinum* you may find more!  All I can tell you is
that this is a very variable perennial species ranging through SW to SC Europe
with about 4 subspecies (in themselves, variable).  I am not aware of a common
name in English although a vernacular name could be <Blue Dreams origanum-leaved dwarf
* note: single "r".

Is the cultivar not `Blue Dream' (without the "s")?

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