DNA from Nashi Pears

Steven Casper casper at scripps.edu
Fri Sep 1 08:55:08 EST 1995

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zora at CENTRAL.MURDOCH.EDU.AU (Zora Singh) wrote:

> Has any body extracted DNA from Nashi pears? I have tried to extract DNA 
> from different cultivars of Nasi pears using the method of Lodhi et al., 1994
> (Plant Molecular Biology Reporter,vol 12(1) pp 6-13).  Usin this method I 
> find large amount of mucilaginous/gummy substance with DNA at the end. 
> How can I eliminate this? Any sugesstions most welcome.

For my purposes, the problem of obtaining nucleic acid preps free of
polysaccharides is ameliorated by performing an organic extraction on the
prep with Chloroform and Butanol in a 1:1 ratio.

Good Luck.

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