Plants and Pb

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Fri Sep 1 23:53:09 EST 1995

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(David Thomas) writes: 
>cmayor at wrote:
>> 	I recently saw a journal or magazine or something that had a
story on
>> the use of plants to absorb heavy metals from soil.  Unfortuneately,
>> don't recall the plants, or the journal, or anything in particular.
>> so if any one could point towards any information on this subject it
>> would be greatly appreciated.
>> Chris Mayor
>I don't know about a specific article, but I do know that Lupines 
>concentrate heavy metals in their tissues--they can be a problem for 
OK, Lupines concentrate heavy metal, i read once that some type of
aquatic plants do the same thing.  The question then becomes, what do
you do with the lupines or aquatic plants---haul them to the local land
fill?  Not a smart question, i really don't know--how do we dispose of
them responsibly???

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