Wanted:Propagation Contract

dennis goos dennis_goos at mindlink.bc.ca
Sat Sep 2 18:51:10 EST 1995

 Require a contract for production of up to 20 million seedlings or
similar space requirement rooted cuttting or small liner production.
Growing on of tissue culture material also possible.
 Well established propagation specialist currently producing well in
excess of 30 million seedlings and liners for the vegetable and
ornamental horticultural industry has space available between June,1996
and October ,1996 (next year's schedule).
 Highly mechanized,specialized facility supported by experienced growers
and professional consultants in all aspects of plant propagation
produces superior quality in a timely manner.
 Export contracts welcome.

Initial contact by e-mail indicating general interest to:
dennis_goos at mindlink.bc.ca.

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