Water Grass/Nut Grass

Cpurvis cpurvis at merlin.nando.net
Sun Sep 3 13:50:19 EST 1995

On 30 Aug 1995 00cdcraddock at bsuvc.bsu.edu wrote:

> In article <41e75b$c7k at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, shnickle at aol.com (Shnickle) writes:
> > Does anything short of round-up or a neutron bomb touch this stuff?
> Truly it has been a very bad (or good) year for nut grass. 
       Fortunately, it has
> a very weak root system, and is extremely easy to pull up.  (Which I do a lot
> of...)  I believe nut grass is a symptom of a lime deficiency, also?

If I was you, I wouldn't pull up the nutgrass.  It is true that it has a 
shallow root system, but on the ends of the roots, there are 
tubers--little potato-like things.  When you pull up the plant, those 
tubers stay in the soil and will grow into dozens more plants.  You could 
dig up, instead of pull, the nutgrass which would prevent the tubers from 
being left in the soil.  Or, you can use Crabgrass killer on it.  
Crabgrass killer will kill both crabgrass and nutgrass.  It isn't 
supposed kill the surrounding lawn grass you have.

				--  Cpurvis

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