Need Info on Transplanting Pampas Grass

Georgia Grant & Paul Atkins pvangrg at
Sun Sep 3 23:10:17 EST 1995

In <421m81$4rf at> Gary Poyssick
<Courseware at> writes: 
>It's very strong. Simply chop the fronds to the ground, dig it up,
>it to a well-prepared hole somewhere else, and it will be bigger than 
>ever in about six weeks. Best done in the springtime though. Give it 
>lots of sun and feed it with a high phosphorus fertilizer starting
>two weeks after the transplant.
As a volunteer doing habitat restoration in the San Francisco Bay area,
I find it difficult to believe that anyone would want to grow pampas
grass.  It is a terribly invasive plant and crowds out native plants.

Also from my non-professional observations, it also seems to leach out
the soil where it grows.


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