Trialing of DED resistant elms (help needed)

An Vanden Broeck avdbroec at
Fri Sep 8 11:42:22 EST 1995

I'm also interested in elm and the problem of DED. I think there do not 
excist at the moment a quickly, reliable test for screening elms for 
DED. They do not know how the pathogen O. novo ulmi acts exactly. I 
think the best way for testing the resistance against the pathogen is to 
put the elm in the field an to evaluate his health in the time. But that 
takes a long time of course! Also pathological field tests involving 
artificial inoculation with the pathogen can give information. Some 
people start research on in vitro disease susceptibility, and maybe 
molecular genetics can also help in finding a DNA-marker for the DED. I 
read that there are still a lot of old elms in Australia. Is that true? 
Wich kind of Elms can you find there? 

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