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Thu Sep 7 23:52:35 EST 1995

On 6 Sep 1995, Piauw Khoeng wrote:

> I am quite interested in plant tissue culture. The idea is to turn this
> into dollars.
> In my country, Indonesia, it is mainly used in producing banana plantlets.
> also Atlantic Potatoes, for local pot.crisp factory.
> Are there any areas that tissue culture can be used, to propagate commercial
> plants.

Dear Mr. Khoeng,

	I'w like to give you some advice on this subject. Plant tissue
culture is less a commercial question than a academic one. The commercial
techniques used still underestimate the somaclonal variation problem and
it results in catastrophic problems. The great field of plant tissue
culture aplication is on perennial crops, where the detection of errors
have a delay of years (when the plants should have their first
production). So, for example, some adult micropropagated plants do not
produce female flowers, and consequently fruit, due to somaclonal
variation during the laboratory period. Be careful: if you want to "turn this
into dollars", remember that farmers also want to get dollars when buy

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