Info on Swertia [Frasera] albomarginata (Gentianaceae)

Tom Schweich schweich at
Sat Sep 9 11:57:27 EST 1995

I was very surprised to find a species in the Gentian family growing
in the eastern Mojave desert. Although I rationalized the occurence
as being in a very sheltered and moderated microclimate among
Pinyons on the north face of Wild Horse Mesa. I was therefore even
more surprised to find S. albomarginata growing on a very exposed
south slope of Pinto Mountain just a few miles from Wild Horse Mesa.
A common element between the two locations is the soil: a fine
grained white soil derived from Tertiary lacustrine limestones
and dolomites. The little bit of research I've done to date is
summarized in:   However,
does anyone else have information about S. albomarginata?

1. Has anyone else noted an affinity of S. albomarginata for
   carbonate rock-derived soils?
2. Has anyone published an autecology of S. albomarginata? Maybe
   an unpublished Master's thesis?
3. Is there someone who has unpublished work on the species they
   would be willing to share?
4. If you respond, may I quote your response in the paper above?
   (Will assume a "yes" answer, unless you say "no.")

Thank you for your consideration.

Tom Schweich,  schweich at

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