Blood Lily

Sharon Stevens sstevens at
Sun Sep 10 19:23:55 EST 1995

I bought a Blood Lily this past spring and planted it a pot. It grew into
the strangest looking flower I've ever seen. The leaves didn't quite grow
until after the lily had bloomed. Then they grew twice the size of the
lily! I can't seem to locate the instructions that came with it but I
rmember it saying they bloom all summer long. Mine didn't. It flowered
once and then the ' flowers'  dropped off. In their place, here and there,
a few red round berry-type things have appeared. What are these, and do I
do anything with them? The plant is till quite alive and thriving. Very
healthy! But why didn't it flower all summer? Also, it does not look
anything like a Lily. At the top of the stem grew many small stems and
they formed a ball. Then the stems burst into tiny orange flower-like
things. I called it the space ball plant. Doe anyone know anything about
this plant (it came as a bulb so I assume it's a perennial). Do i plant it
in the ground, or keep it in the pot and take it inside for the winter? 

Any responses can be e-mailed to me.


Sharon Stevens
Columbus, Oh

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