Plant index with suppliers ?

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Wed Sep 13 06:40:30 EST 1995

I would like to buy plants from differents parts of the world to grow them
in greenhouses. I know 2 books with plant species and suppliers, in the
U.K. (The plant finder 1994/95) and in France (25000 plantes. Ou et comment
les acheter, Societe Nationale d'Horticulture, La Maison rustique, 1993)
Thanks to Medit-plants listserv memebers, I know that the same exist for
Germany and the Netherlands.
Do you know the references of the books for Germany and Netherlands and
for other countries (in particular, Italy, Spain, California, South Africa
and Western Australia) ?
A lot of thanks
Alain Hambuckers
University of Liege
B77 Sart Tilman
4000 Liege, Belgium
U219301 at VM1.ULG.AC.BE
Index of plants with suppliers

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