Never fertilize your plants again!

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Never fertilize your plants again!


This is the name of a revolutionary new product produced from 100% 
natural elements.  It is highly environmentally friendly, and easy to 

Where to use MAKE IT GROW-
Trees           House plants
Shrubs          Vegetables
Flowers         Gardens

How MAKE IT GROW works-
It is NOT a fertilizer.  It is a carrier or a holder, that becomes a 
nutrient bank for the nutrients that are in liquid fertilizers.

How MAKE IT GROW is used-
1.  You soak MAKE IT GROW in any liquid fertilizer (i.e. Miracle Grow) 
for 48 hours.
2.  Drain the MAKE IT GROW.
3.  Mix the MAKE IT GROW with soil and place it around the root zone.
Follow these three simple steps; stand back and watch as your plants take 

Now the important nutrients are always within reach of the plants roots, 
all summer, all winter, and all of the time through the use of a unique 
ionic process.

Use it to plant seeds, or when you are transplanting your plants.  It is 
great for rejuvenating plants that are dying.  It helps your plants in 
almost any situation.  All it takes is just one simple application of 

For more information on pricing or questions, please write to:

        Natural Zeolite Products
        P.O. Box 3859
        Logan, Utah  84321-3859

        - Anyone can have a 'green thumb' with MAKE IT GROW -

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