FAQ on Japanese Maples????

PsyBeast psybeast at pond.com
Thu Sep 14 20:06:50 EST 1995

Is there such a thing??

Personally, I am looking for info on a Japanese Maple that I can grow
either on the porch (Spring, Summer, Fall) and that I can bring inside
during the winter months.

Today, I almost bought a 6.5 ft. 'Bloodgood' (A. palmatum) for $45!!
but when the person asked me about the conditions, and I said in an Apt.,
then they said the 'Bloodgood' needed a rest period, which I can
understand, no problem.

I am a long time lover to the Acer, but I have only recently tried to do
grow my own.

Any FAQs, Tips, Suggestions would be very helpful!!



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