New in BeanRef - Germplasm Collections/Genebanks in Europe

Mario Nenno [Bio.] nenno at
Fri Sep 15 17:01:42 EST 1995

New in BeanRef:
List of Germplasm collections/Genebanks in Europe(1986)

What is BeanRef?
BeanRef contains addresses, short descriptions, and links to 
electronically available information. Until now there are references 
to germplasm collections, genetic maps, conferences, organizations, 
mailing list, and newsletters. More items can be incorporated.

BeanRef is available to everyone who can use WWW browsers like
NCSA Mosaic, Netscape or even Lynx. The URL is:

Everybody who has a collection, a data base, runs a conference or has further 
information related to beans, please drop a few lines with details as 
complete as possible. Also if the references in BeanRef are no longer valid 
or addresses have changed, please let me know. 

The more people contribute to BeanRef, the more it will become a complete
reference to research on beans.

Mario Nenno (nenno at

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