Do water trays under pots raise the humidity around plants?

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        Do Water Trays Under Pots Raise Humidity around Plants?

  Not appreciably, unless you put the tray and pot in a container (such
as an aquarium tank) or heat the tray (gently) to promote evaporation.
If you use a container, you can provide an adjustable opening at the top
to regulate the humidity inside (100% humidity when the container is
closed; lower humidity as the opening is increased). A small fan placed
inside the container will aid air circulation.
  Reference: Douglas Kohl (417 6th Ave., N.E., Osseo, MN 55369), "A
Study in Humidity: Douglas Kohl Evaluates the Effectiveness of a Common
Method to Raise Humidity around Orchids Growing in the Home," AMERICAN
ORCHID SOCIETY BULLETIN 63(8), August 1995, 916-917. (American Orchid
Society, Inc., 600 S. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33405.)
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