Do water trays under pots raise the humidity around plants?

Marjorie Rosen marjorie at
Sun Sep 17 14:09:26 EST 1995

Bob Batson (bob at wrote:
:         Do Water Trays Under Pots Raise Humidity around Plants?

:   Not appreciably, unless you put the tray and pot in a container (such
: as an aquarium tank) or heat the tray (gently) to promote evaporation.

(snipped to conserve time)

How about the high temperatures in the So. Cal. area? Our house runs in 
the high 80's to 90's frequently in the summer (even with air 
conditioning.) Might this qualify as gently heating to promote 
evaporation? Here in So. Cal. our humidity is so low that all our water 
reservoirs need to be refilled at least weekly, more during the summer. I 
used to mist my orchids 2-3 times a day depending on the season.

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